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Watch a video of a sample analysis in NCSS

NCSS software provides a complete, easy-to-use collection of over 190 statistical and graphics tools to analyze and visualize your data. If you are looking for an accurate, comprehensive, and intuitive statistical package that will allow you to analyze your data quickly and effectively, look no further. NCSS has been fine-tuning statistical analysis and graphics for over 30 years to meet the needs of researchers worldwide.

Free Trial

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We recommend that you download the free trial, open an example data file, and try an analysis or graphics procedure that interests you. Also, feel free to click on the small help button in the top right corner of any window or procedure to see explanations, examples, and technical details. We are confident that when you try NCSS, you will quickly see that it is accurate, easy-to-use, and covers the full range of analysis and graphics topics.

Statistical Analysis in NCSS

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Mass Appraisal    Curve Fitting    Time Series and Forecasting

Clustering    Quality Control

NCSS contains a comprehensive collection of statistical procedures for analyzing your data. These procedures cover a wide range of topics, including analysis of variance, clustering, correlation, curve fitting, cross tabulation, descriptive statistics, design of experiments, forecasting, time series, mass appraisal, meta-analysis, mixed models, multivariate analysis, nonparametric tests, operations research (linear programming), proportions, quality control, regression, survival, reliability, comparisons of means, and much more.

Plots, Charts, and Graphs in NCSS

Graphics in NCSS

NCSS has a large collection of tools for plots, charts, and graphs. These graphics procedures offer extensive flexibility to get your graph to look just as you want it, while still maintaining ease-of-use and intuitiveness. Videos providing details of individual aspects of graphing in NCSS are available for free at our website.

_Error Bar Chart in NCSS Software SurvivalPlot

NCSS Overview

Watch a video of a sample analysis in NCSS

The home window of NCSS is a column-based spreadsheet where your data can be easily entered or imported from all major statistical or data file types. Straightforward filters, transformations, labels, and formats can be used to get your data exactly as you want it to be.

NCSS Data Spreadsheet Window

Then you can choose from over 190 analysis and graphics procedures to analyze and visualize your data.

NCSS Procedure Navigator

From a procedure window, you can select the columns you wish to analyze, adjust any other parameters to your liking, and press Run.

NCSS Procedure Window

Your results will appear in an Output window that is prepared for viewing, printing, copying-and-pasting, or saving. A navigation pane allows you to quickly jump to any part of the output. You can double-click on a graph to save it in any of several file formats.

NCSS Output Window

If you like a particular setup on a procedure window, and would like to perform the same or a similar analysis later, you can save the procedure template to be opened or shared at any time.

What is the Price of NCSS?

At the low price of $329, we consider NCSS to be the best value available for statistical and graphics software. With over 30 years on the market, NCSS has become recognized as a package that is a perfect fit for use in research worldwide. NCSS provides fully validated, accurate results for all major statistical procedures while maintaining its ease-of-use and fantastic price.


We have a team of PhD statisticians that are waiting to answer your email or telephone questions. We also have an expanding collection of training videos that are free to view at any time.

New in NCSS9

The recently released NCSS 9 has many improvements to existing procedures, such as multiple regression, t-tests, and analysis of proportions, as well as several new procedures, including new scenario-specific mixed model procedures and 3D scatter and surface plots. Click here to learn more about what’s new in NCSS 9.

Documentation & Validation

NCSS comes with complete help system documentation that contains tutorials, examples, annotated output, references, formulas, and complete instructions on each procedure. The documentation is also available online by clicking here. All procedures have been validated with published articles or books.