NCSS 2019 Update

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File: NCSS2019Setup_v19_0_4.exe
Size: 131.08 MB
Current Version: 19.0.4
Released: February 11, 2020

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File: NCSS2019Setup_x64_v19_0_4.exe
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PDF documentation for NCSS 2019 is installed with the software and can be accessed through the Help System. The documentation is not available online at this time.

Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to NCSS 2019 since it was released.

Version: 19.0.4

Released: February 11, 2020

1. Corrected issues with storage in the Meta-Analysis of Proportions and Meta-Analysis of Correlation Proportions procedures. The SE’s for Ratio and Odds Ratio are computed on the log scale and are not defined on the original scale. The options to store the SE’s should not have been available. These options have been removed.

2. Corrected the labels of the Limits of Agreement lines to display the correct multiplier in the Bland-Altman Plots and Analysis procedure.

3. Corrected an error in the Bland-Altman Plot and Analysis procedure. The Bland-Altman Plot checkbox for Data Input Type 3 was not being read. Instead, the Bland-Altman Plot for Data Input Type 3 was tied to the checkbox for Data Input Type 1. This has been corrected.

4. Corrected errors in the Cochran-Armitage Tests for Trend in Proportions located in the Contingency Tables procedure. When the dose levels were entered as rows in the table, the statement about what hypothesis is being tested was incorrect and numeric dose levels were not read in correctly for calculation.

5. Fixed a "subscript out of range" error that happened in some cases as a result of selecting to output the heat map in the Correlation Matrix procedure.

Version: 19.0.3

Released: October 25, 2019

1. Corrected an error in the Distribution (Weibull) Fitting procedure. When fitting the Lognormal and Log10normal distributions, the resulting scale and shape estimates were switched in the Parameter Estimation Report and the Variance-Covariance Matrix Report. All other lognormal calculations (including hazard and reliability estimates) were not affected by this error.

2. Corrected an issue in displaying value labels for text values with trailing spaces.

3. Fixed a “Subscript out of range” error in the Item Response Analysis procedure that occurred when the Answer Variable values are not properly aligned with the Item Variables.

Version: 19.0.2

Released: May 24, 2019

1. Added the ability for the software to periodically check online for updates and notify the user when an update is available. This new capability is controlled through System Options.

2. Corrected error in Two-Sample Non-Inferiority, Superiority, and Equivalence Tests for Survival Data using Cox Regression procedures that occurred when using adjustment for Numeric X’s. The hypotheses were stated incorrectly in the output when numeric covariates were added.

3. Fixed typo for standardized regression coefficient formula in Principal Components Regression documentation, page 340-12.

Version: 19.0.1

Released: March 23, 2019

1. Initial Release of NCSS 2019.

I have used several statistics tools, but NCSS is the best statistics tool. It is easy to use because the interface and menu are easy to be used. And NCSS is very useful to support an analysis [in] data research.

Evi Triandini, Researcher

I am a very satisfied user of NCSS. For years I used SPSS in my consulting work, but the cost got to be exorbitant. When I started using NCSS, I found it easy and intuitive to use and extremely accurate in its results. It is not only my statistical analysis program of choice but I have recommended it to many of my clients as well. When I've had questions and called NCSS, I have always gotten expert help and advice and never had a problem go unsolved. Keep up the good work.

Denis Stadther, Denis Stadther Consulting