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Use the links below to load individual chapters from the NCSS documentation in PDF format. The chapters correspond to the procedures available in NCSS. Each chapter generally has an introduction to the topic, technical details, explanations for the procedure options, and examples. Each of these chapters is also available through the NCSS help system when running the software.

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Quick Start






Cluster Analysis


Correlation (Pearson, Spearman, Kendall's Tau)

Correlation and Linear Regression

Correlation Matrix

Point-Biserial and Biserial Correlations

Box-Cox Transformation for Simple Linear Regression

Canonical Correlation

Cronbach's Alpha in Item Analysis

Bland-Altman Plot and Analysis

Lin's Concordance Correlation Coefficient

Circular Data Correlation

Curve Fitting

Descriptive Statistics

Design of Experiments

Diagnostic Tests

Distribution Fitting

Beta Distribution Fitting

Distribution (Weibull) Fitting

Gamma Distribution Fitting

Grubbs' Outlier Test

Normality Test

Probability Plots



One Mean

Two Means

One Proportion

Two Proportions

One Hazard Rate

Two Hazard Rates

One Poisson Rate

Two Poisson Rates

Item Analysis


Method Comparison

Mixed Models

Multivariate Analysis

Nondetects Data


Cochran's Q Test

Conover Equal Variance Test

Cumulative Incidence Curves

Dunn's Test

Dwass-Steel-Critchlow-Fligner Test

Friedman's Rank Test

Kaplan-Meier Curves

Kendall's Tau Correlation

Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test

Kruskal-Wallis Test

Logrank Test

Mann-Whitney U or Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test

McNemar Test

Nondetects-Data Group Comparison

Randomization Tests

ROC Curves

Runs Tests (Wald-Wolfowitz Runs Test)

Sign or Quantile Test

Spearman-Rank Correlation

Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

Operations Research


One Proportion

Two Independent Proportions

Two Correlated Proportions

Multiple Proportions and Contingency Tables

Quality Control

Reference Intervals


Simple Linear Regression

Multiple Regression

Logistic Regression

Cox Regression

Subset Selection

Count Data

Nondetects Data

Survival Data

Nonlinear Regression

Method Comparison

Mediation Analysis

Time Series

Two-Stage Least Squares

ROC Curves

Survey Data

Survival Analysis / Reliability

Time Series


One Sample

Paired Samples

Two Samples

2x2 Cross-Over Designs

Multivariate Analysis

Method Comparison

Two-Level Designs

Two-Way Tables


Graphics Components

Bar Charts

Bland-Altman Plots

Box Plots

Circular Data Plots

Circular Histograms

Rose Plots

Pie Charts

Contour Plots

Curve Fitting


Density Plots

Dot Plots

Error-Bar Charts


Time Series Plots

Autocorrelation Plots

Cross-Correlation Plots

Data Plots

Decomposition Ratio Plots

Forecast Plots

Lag Plots

Partial Autocorrelation Plots


Runs Charts

Serial Correlation Plots

Spectrum Plots

Forest Plots

Function Plots

Funnel Plots

Heat Maps


Kaplan-Meier Curves (Survival)

Line Charts

Mosaic Plots

Percentile Plots

Pie Charts

Probability Plots

Quality Control Charts

ROC Curves

Scatter Plots

Stem-and-Leaf Plots

Surface Plots

Time Series

Time Series Plots

Autocorrelation Plots

Cross-Correlation Plots

Data Plots

Decomposition Ratio Plots

Forecast Plots

Lag Plots

Partial Autocorrelation Plots


Runs Charts

Serial Correlation Plots

Spectrum Plots

Violin Plots

3D Plots




Box-Cox Transformation

Data Entry and Search Tool

Data List

Data Screening

Grubbs' Outlier Test

Data Simulation

Data Matching and Stratification

Descriptive Statistics - Summary Lists

Summarize Cluster-Randomized Data

Time Calculator

Dataset Random Sampling

Randomization Lists

Merging Two Datasets

Exporting Data to R



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