Statistical Software for Study Design to Study Results

For over 30 years, we have worked with academic researchers across many fields to produce publication-worthy sample size, data analysis, and graphics solutions.

Each tool is easy-to-use, well-documented, and carefully validated against published results.

Hundreds of articles are published each year using PASS to estimate the sample size or evaluate the study power, or using NCSS to analyze and visualize the study results.

  • Biostatistics
  • Grant Applications
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Scientific Research
  • Veterinary Research
  • Zoology

"We have used your product for almost 20 years. It has been a vital part of the research initiatives we have conducted over the years."

—Dr. George Ebra, Dr. Debra Guest, Researchers

Using PASS Sample Size Software in Academia

With sample size calculations for over 965 scenarios, using PASS as an academic research tool is the perfect way to estimate the sample size or evaluating the power of your study.

Click here to see a sampling of recently-published articles that used PASS for sample size or power calculations

Using NCSS Data Analysis and Graphics Software in Academia

The NCSS analysis and graphics solution provides hundreds of tools for analyzing and visualizing your data. You can view the Publications Citing NCSS page to get a feel for recent publications where NCSS was used. Or click here to see examples of the graphics capabilities of NCSS.

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Example Graphs from the NCSS solution

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Your support is always amazing. I also run [another statistical software package] and on a support / admin basis you guys are way ahead.

Neale Penman, Researcher

I am a very satisfied user of NCSS. For years I used SPSS in my consulting work, but the cost got to be exorbitant. When I started using NCSS, I found it easy and intuitive to use and extremely accurate in its results. It is not only my statistical analysis program of choice but I have recommended it to many of my clients as well. When I've had questions and called NCSS, I have always gotten expert help and advice and never had a problem go unsolved. Keep up the good work.

Denis Stadther, Denis Stadther Consulting