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NCSS 11 Upgrade

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We are pleased to announce the release of NCSS 11, the latest edition of our statistical analysis and graphics software. We are confident you will find the improved and newly added procedures highly suitable for your research needs.

New Procedures

Addition of new procedures and tests:

  • Conditional Logistic Regression
  • Multiple Regression – Basic
  • Negative Binomial Regression
  • Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Regression
  • Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression
  • Geometric Regression
  • Fractional Polynomial Regression
  • Passing-Bablok Regression for Method Comparison
  • Robust Linear Regression (Passing-Bablok Median-Slope)
  • Logistic Regression (including confidence intervals for AUC)
  • Two-Stage Least Squares
  • Scatter Plots with Error Bars
  • Scatter Plots with Error Bars from Summary Data
  • Error-Bar Charts from Summary Data
  • Error-Bar Charts from Summary Data (2 Factors)
  • Descriptive Statistics – Summary Tables
  • Descriptive Statistics – Summary Lists
  • One ROC Curve and Cutoff Analysis
  • Comparing Two ROC Curves – Independent Groups Design
  • Comparing Two ROC Curves – Paired Design
  • Single Sample Binary Diagnostic Test Analysis
  • Correlation
  • Circular Data Correlation
  • Reference Intervals
  • Appraisal Ratio Studies
  • Comparables Appraisal
  • Hybrid Appraisal Models
  • Multiple Regression for Appraisal
  • Acceptance Sampling for Attributes
  • Operating Characteristic Curves for Acceptance Sampling for Attributes
  • Linear Programming with Bounds
  • Mixed Integer Programming
  • Quadratic Programming
  • Transportation
  • Assignment
  • Minimum Spanning Tree
  • Shortest Route
  • Maximum Flow
  • Minimum Cost Capacitated Flow
  • Transshipment
  • Dwass-Steel-Critchlow-Fligner MC Test (in the One-Way Analysis of Variance Procedure)

Examples of new plots:

  • Scatter Plot with Error Bars


  • ROC Curves


  • Summary Table Plots


  • Operating Characteristic Curves for Acceptance Sampling for Attributes


  • Appraisal Ratio Horizontal Equity Plot


  • Appraisal Ratio Price-Related Bias Scatter Plot



Data Simulation Procedure

The Data Simulation procedure was enhanced to include a much larger selection of distributions.

One-Way ANOVA Residuals

The One-Way Analysis of Variance procedure now gives the ability to store residuals.

Contingency Tables Table Entry

The table entry in the Contingency Tables (Crosstabs / Chi-Square Test) procedure was improved.

One Proportion Data Entry

A Database Data Entry option is now available in the One Proportion procedure.

Export Tool

The Export tool now has the ability to select variables for export.

Output Titles

Software version titles are given in the output.

Error-Bar Plots

The error-bar plots procedures now give the options for Confidence Interval and Range.

Spreadsheet Controls

The Spreadsheet controls have been updated.

3D Charting

The 3D charting control has been updated for additional processing and display speed.

Column Selection Tools

The column selection tools have been dramatically enhanced.

Auto-Scaling of Ticks

The Auto-Scaling of the ticks of the numeric axis of plots has been improved.

Filters and Missing Values in Time Series and Forecasting

Filter and missing values options are now available in all Forecasting and Time Series procedures.

Procedure Menus

The procedure menus were enhanced to be more intuitive.

Free Trial

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NCSS 11 is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP SP2 on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

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Upgrade from NCSS 10:
$179 (academic/government)
$199 (commercial)

Upgrade from NCSS 8 or NCSS 9*:
$329 (academic/government)
$349 (commercial)

*Older versions (e.g. NCSS 2007, NCSS 2004, NCSS 2001, NCSS 2000, and NCSS 97) are not upgradeable. You will need to purchase a new license to get NCSS 11.

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To obtain your upgrade, order from our secure online store, or call us at 1-800-898-6109 (US only) or (801) 546-0445, fax us at (801) 546-3907, or email us at


PDF versions of the documentation are available directly from each procedure window. These may be displayed or printed. The documentation is also available online by clicking here.

Features and Procedures added in the NCSS 10 Upgrade from NCSS 9

The upgrade from NCSS 9 to NCSS 10 contained a very large number of new procedures, plots, and features.

New Procedures

Addition of new procedures and tests:

  • Box-Cox Transformation
  • Box-Cox Transformation for Two or More Groups (T-Test and One-Way ANOVA)
  • Box-Cox Transformation for Simple Linear Regression
  • Point-Biserial and Biserial Correlations
  • Cochran’s Q Test with Multiple Comparisons
  • Michaelis-Menten Equation
  • Bland-Altman Plot and Analysis
  • Deming Regression
  • Harmonic Regression
  • 3D Bar Charts
  • 3D Bar Charts (2 Factors)
  • 3D Line Charts
  • 3D Line Charts (2 Factors)
  • 3D Scatter Plots (Revised) – Regression Surfaces Added
  • Grubbs’ Outlier Test
  • Paired T-Test for Equivalence
  • Paired T-Test for Non-Inferiority
  • Testing Non-Inferiority with Two Independent Samples
  • Testing Equivalence with Two Independent Samples
  • Stem-and-Leaf Plots
  • Back-to-Back Stem-and-Leaf Plots
  • X-bar and R Charts
  • X-bar and s Charts
  • X-bar Charts
  • R Charts
  • s Charts
  • CUSUM Charts
  • Moving Average Charts
  • EWMA Charts
  • Individuals and Moving Range (I-MR) Charts
  • P Charts
  • NP Charts
  • C Charts
  • U Charts
  • Capability Analysis
  • Normality Tests
  • Two Proportions (Revised) – Data Input Enhanced
  • Two Proportions – Non-Inferiority Tests
  • Two Proportions – Superiority Tests
  • Two Proportions – Two-Sided Tests vs. a Margin
  • Two Proportions – Equivalence Tests
  • Two Correlated Proportions (McNemar Test) (Revised) – Data Input Enhanced
  • Two Correlated Proportions – Superiority Tests
  • Two Correlated Proportions – Equivalence Tests
  • Two Correlated Proportions – Non-Inferiority Tests
  • Contingency Tables (Revised) – Data Input Enhanced with New Summary Table Input Option
  • Cochran-Armitage Proportion Trend Test (in Contingency Tables)
  • Gray’s Test for Comparing Groups (in Cumulative Incidence)
  • Pepe and Mori’s Test for Comparing Groups (in Cumulative Incidence)
  • Lag Plots
  • Analysis of Runs including Wald-Wolfowitz and Other Runs Tests for Randomness
  • Normal Probability Plots
  • Weibull Probability Plots
  • Uniform Probability Plots
  • Exponential Probability Plots
  • Gamma Probability Plots
  • Chi-Square Probability Plots
  • Half-Normal Probability Plots
  • Log-Normal Probability Plots
  • Probability Plot Comparison
  • Reference Intervals with a Covariate
  • One-Way ANOVA (Revised) – 3 New Normality Tests
  • One-Way ANOVA (Revised) – Welch’s Unequal Variance Test
  • One-Way ANOVA (Revised) – Sample Group Standard Deviations

Examples of new plots:

  • Michaelis-Menten Equation Plot


  • Lag Plot


  • 3D Bar Charts


  • 3D Line Charts


  • Regression Surfaces


  • Box-Cox Transformation Plot


  • Quality Control Chart


  • Reference Interval Plot


  • Stem-and-Leaf Plot


  • Model from Harmonic Regression



New Features

64-bit option

With the 32-bit version of NCSS, analysis of datasets with greater than 25 million cells can result in memory errors. The 64-bit version of NCSS 10 increases this limit by many, many times, so that the analysis limits are only those imposed by the amount of memory on the computer. The purchase of NCSS 10 gives you access to both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Enhanced Data Stacking and Unstacking Tools

NCSS 10 includes improved tools for stacking and unstacking data. New options in the stack data tool allow you to automatically rename output columns and include label columns in the stacking process so that information about each observation is maintained in the stacked data. The new data unstacking tool also allows you to include label variables and automatically renames output columns. It also allows you to unstack data using a grouping column, which provides greater flexibility in data processing.

New Contrast Variable Tool

NCSS 10 includes an all-new data tool to help you create a set of contrasts or binary indicator variables from categorical data columns. These new variables are stored right on the data table.

New Transformations

NCSS 10 includes new date-variable processing transformations that allow you to work directly with Date-Time values without having to first translate them to Julian dates before extracting Month, Day, Year, etc. from the date values. NCSS 10 also includes a new transformation to convert Julian dates to Date-Time values and Date-Time values to Julian dates.

Copy with Filter

NCSS 10 includes a new data copy function that only copies values from rows that pass the filter.

Features and Procedures added in the NCSS 9 Upgrade from NCSS 8

A major focus in the upgrade from NCSS 8 to NCSS 9 was the improved interface and output for many of the commonly used procedures. Several useful new procedures were also added.

Procedure Enhancements

Enhancements to:

  • Multiple Regression
  • Cox Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Poisson Regression
  • Two-Sample T-Tests (Comparing Two Means or Distributions)
  • One-Sample T-Tests (One Sample Inference)
  • Paired T-Tests (Paired Sample Inference)
  • Two Proportions and 2-by-2 Tables
  • One Proportion
  • Correlated Proportions and McNemar Test
  • Two-Sample T-Tests from Means and Standard Deviations
  • Mixed Models
  • Contingency (Chi-Square, Two-Way) Tables
  • Descriptive Tables
  • Frequency Tables
  • ANOVA (Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison p-values added)

New Procedures

Addition of new plots:

  • 3D Surface Plots


  • 3D Scatter Plots


  • Mosaic Plots


Addition of new procedures:

  • Lin’s Concordance Correlation Coefficient
  • Mixed Models – Repeated Measures
  • Mixed Models – No Repeated Measures
  • Mixed Models – Random Coefficients
  • Subset Selection in Multiple Regression
  • Robust Regression

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