NCSS 2022 Update

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File: NCSS2022Setup_v22_0_6.exe
Size: 173.25 MB
Current Version: 22.0.6
Released: May 5, 2023

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File: NCSS2022Setup_x64_v22_0_6.exe
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Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to NCSS 2022 since it was released.

Version: 22.0.6

Released: May 5, 2023

1. The System Options windows was too large for some laptop computers. The size of the System Options window has been reduced to match previous versions.

2. Corrected an “overflow” error that occurred in the Confidence Intervals report of the Appraisal Ratio Studies procedure when analyzing large datasets.

Version: 22.0.5

Released: January 20, 2023

1. Corrected an issue with plotting the grid lines at stage breaks in Quality Control Charts when running NCSS under a language setting that uses comma as the decimal. The stage break grid lines would not appear.

2. Corrected various input options in multiple procedures when running NCSS under a language setting that uses comma as the decimal. Periods used in text were incorrectly replaced with commas.

3. Fixed an error displaying value labels in the Data Table after inserting or deleting columns. The value labels now display correctly.

4. Removed a bound in the Passing-Bablok Regression for Method Comparison and Robust Linear Regression (Passing- Bablok Median-Slope) procedures that restricted the regression calculations when the number of pairs was greater than just over 3000.

5. Corrected an “Overflow” error that occurred in procedures that calculate Kendall’s Tau correlation with a very large number of observations (> 40,000).

6. Corrected the Parameter Estimates for All Groups report in the Curve Fitting - General procedure. The report now displays correctly with more than 3 parameters.

7. Corrected the estimation of Model #5, PolyRatio(2,2) in the Curve Fitting - General procedure. The procedure now estimates all parameters, including E.

8. Corrected an error with the calculation of Weighted COV in the Appraisal Ratio Studies procedure. Weighted COV is now calculated correctly.

9. Corrected an error in the Repeated Measures ANOVA and GLM ANOVA means output when values were equal to zero. In some rare cases, the software would report a very small mean (e.g., 1E-14) in place of zero because of computer rounding error.

10. The System Options windows was too large for some laptop computers. The size of the System Options window has been reduced to match previous versions.

Version: 22.0.4

Released: August 4, 2022

1. Corrected the formula for the SD of the Uniform Distribution in the documentation for the Data Simulation procedure. The procedure calculations were not affected.

2. Updated four example data files (Fisher, LogLin1, Resale, Tree) so that the Value Labels work correctly when the computer language setting is set to other language settings that use the comma as the decimal separator.

3. Corrected an error in the Correlation Matrix procedure. When “Show the eigenvalue percentage in the eigenvector labels” was checked, the Spearman Eigenvector Plot was displaying the Pearson eigenvalue percentages in the labels. Furthermore, when “Show the eigenvalue percentage in the eigenvector labels” was checked with only Spearman Eigenvector Plot(s) checked, an “Object variable or With block variable not set” error would result.

4. Corrected an error writing subheading in combined output tables. Some subheadings were appearing before the headings.

5. Added support for importing/exporting Statistica version 7+ data files.

6. Corrected an error in the Descriptive Statistics procedure. The Stem-Leaf plot would generate a “subscript out of range” error when plotting a variable with values that were all the same.

7. Corrected an issue with the Data Table that caused the data viewer to jump to the last row and column when performing some undo/redo actions.

8. Corrected an error in auto-labeling the storage columns when storing data from the One-Way Analysis of Variance procedure with more than one Y variable specified. The stated response variable was incorrect.

9. Corrected an error when exporting delimited text files with a blank delimiter without using double quotes. Double quotes were being added when not requested.

Version: 22.0.3

Released: February 15, 2022

1. Minor Technical Improvements.

Version: 22.0.2

Released: February 2, 2022

1. Corrected an issue that occurred when loading new procedures for the first time. The default settings were not being loaded correctly, resulting in blank inputs and checkboxes.

Version: 22.0.1

Released: January 28, 2022

1. Initial Release of NCSS 2022.

"I had been using [another statistical software package] for over 15 years until recently when I noticed it would not run ANOVAs correctly. After researching numerous options I switched to NCSS and PASS and couldn't be happier. Your product is accurate, fast, easy to use, and very inexpensive. And thanks to the software’s flexibility in reporting and graphing, it has made my consulting business easier as well. Thank you!"

Ken Hansen, M.S., Mechanical Engineer and Applied Statistician

I have been using NCSS in my high school class room for 22 years. I find it very easy to use and my students use it to calculate their results for their lab reports, science fair projects, and now they are using it for AP Research projects. It can be used for everything from the basics to the most advanced statistics. NCSS is very affordable for any high school budget.

David Buncher, High School Teacher, Miami, FL