NCSS 2024 Update

Use the button(s) below to download the NCSS 2024 installation file. If NCSS 2024 is not yet installed on your computer, this will install the full version. If you already have NCSS 2024 statistical analysis software installed, this will update your current installation to the newest version. Your personal files will not be affected.

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Current Version: 24.0.1
Released: January 23, 2024

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Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to NCSS 2024 since it was released.

Version: 24.0.1

Released: January 23, 2024

1. Initial Release of NCSS 2024

"Two reasons for choosing your product [PASS]: all-around methods and options + very good documentation."

Mika Kurkilahti, PhD

I adore NCSS and PASS. I have been using them for 20 years now.

Mario Martinez Gonzalez, MPH, FEE, MD, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico