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Existing customers who own a license to NCSS 8 may download and install this file to update to the latest release of the software. Your personal files will not be affected.

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File: NCSS8Setup_v8_0_24.exe
Size: 59.12 MB
Current Version: 8.0.24
Released: February 20, 2015

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PDF documentation for NCSS 8 is installed with the software and can be accessed through the Help System. The documentation is not available online at this time.

Update Release Notes

Version: 8.0.24

Released: February 20, 2015

1. Fixed rare export problem. Certain uncommon characters were causing a problem with the export.

2. Corrected a problem with Text transformations. Leading zeros in text values were being discarded before the transformations were carried out.

3. This is the final update to NCSS 8.

Version: 8.0.23

Released: February 7, 2015

1. Fixed the filter editing tool that allows you to add additional values to a list. Spaces were being removed by the tool (e.g. Typing “My New Value” was incorrectly returning “MyNewValue”).

2. Fixed a problem with the Find/Replace tool. The find function was going very slow for large datasets and causing the program to become non-responsive.

3. Fixed a problem with the Paste function when the amount of data on the clipboard is large. In some cases, the paste process would cause the program to become non-responsive.

4. Fixed a problem that occurred when the computer language setting (e.g. Spanish, Colombia) uses a comma as both the decimal separator and the list separator. This caused several data table issues with filters, transformations, procedures, etc.

Version: 8.0.22

Released: January 27, 2015

1. Fixed problem with Appraisal Ratios report. The report was not formatting correctly with >12 columns.

2. Fixed errors when exporting NCSS 97-2007 Spreadsheet (*.S0) files. Long transformation were truncated and value labels were not exported correctly.

Version: 8.0.21

Released: January 14, 2015

1. Corrects a problem with the Recode transformation. Values with a comma were not parsed correctly.

2. Fixes event reporting in the Cumulative Incidence procedure. Under some circumstances the information for event 2 was reported when event 1 was requested.

3. Fixed “Subscript out of range” error in the Linear Regression and Correlation procedure when using a frequency variable.

4. Fixed a problem with the Nonlinear Regression procedure when using languages that use the comma as the decimal separator. The procedure was not iterating correctly to find the solution.

5. Fixed a problem with the Rank() transformation when the column for which the ranks are calculated has both text and numeric data.

Version: 8.0.20

Released: May 23, 2014

1. Fixes the Survival at Specific Event Times report in the Kaplan-Meier procedure. The survival values were not being reported after the last failure time if the final observations were censored. The plots were not affected.

2. Corrects a rounding problem with the Randomization Test in the Two-Sample T-test procedure.

Version: 8.0.19

Released: February 26, 2014

1. Fixes problem with some transformations when using computer language setting other than English. Some transformations were not being calculated.

2. Fixes problem with the Descriptive Tables procedure when using the Date-Time data type. Table rows and columns were labeled with incorrect date labels.

3. Fixes a problem with the Mixed Models procedure. Some models had estimable components incorrectly flagged as non-estimable.

Version: 8.0.18

Released: November 7, 2013

1. Fixes a problem with If-Then transformations. Some valid transformations were being interpreted as invalid and not applied.

Version: 8.0.17

Released: October 18, 2013

1. Fixes a problem with the Linear Regression procedure. When performing several regressions in a single run by entering multiple variables, the program was giving incorrect results for all Y variables after the first one.

2. Fixes a problem with the importing and exporting of files to folders containing diacritics (i.e. á). The software will now import and export correctly to paths with these special characters.

3. Fixes a problem with the reporting of AIC, Log-Likelihood, and -2Log-Likelihood in the Mixed Models routine. These statistics were not being reported in some instances.

Version: 8.0.16

Released: July 26, 2013

1. Corrects a problem with border plots in the Scatter Plot procedure when using the log scale. The border plots were not plotting correctly.

2. Corrects a problem with data labels on probability plots. Data labels were not appearing.

3. Corrects a problem with the labeling of the forest plot in Meta-Analysis of Hazard Ratios. The X-axis was labeled incorrectly as Hazard Ratio by default. It has been changed to Log(Hazard Ratio).

4. Correct a problem with some overlays and the mean line on histograms. The density trace, mean line, and frequency polygon were plotted incorrectly when using custom X-axis bounds.

Version: 8.0.15

Released: May 15, 2013

1. Corrects a problem with the Probability Plot procedure when including border plots. Some data points were plotted off the plotting surface.

2. Corrects a problem with the Data Screening procedure when attempting to store estimated missing values. Only one missing value was being stored per run.

3. Corrects a problem with the Scatter Plot procedure when plotting dates. Tick labels for axes corresponding to date variables were not being formatted correctly as dates. Instead they were formatted as the numeric equivalent.

Version: 8.0.14

Released: February 20, 2013

1. Corrects a problem with the Medoid Partitioning procedure. The filter was not being recognized when calculating the total number of rows to partition.

2. Corrects a problem where transformations that were removed and replaced (e.g. COLLATE(), UNCOLLATE(), SPLICE(), UNSPLICE()) were still appearing on the list of available transformations. These unavailable transformations have now been completely removed from the list.

Version: 8.0.13

Released: October 26, 2012

1. Corrects a problem with the output for regression procedures when using multiple dependent variables. The names of some of the dependent variables were not being displayed at the beginning of their corresponding reports.

2. Fixes a problem with the NCSS 8 Help System that resulted in an error when the help system was closed on some computers (rare): The instruction at "0x0700609c" referenced memory at "0x00000014". The memory could not be "read".

3. Adds support for importing and exporting Access 2007-2010 database format with extension ".accdb".

Version: 8.0.12

Released: September 25, 2012

1. Corrects a problem with saving data to the data table during a procedure run when you have active transformations. The saving process was going very slow, making it appear that the program had hung.

2. Fixes problem with ordering of dates in the means plot. Dates were not being ordered correctly.

3. Fixes "object variable or with block variable no set" error that appeared when first running the principal components analysis routine. Some procedure options were not correctly initialized.

4. Fixes infinite loop error that occurs in the Variable Selection for Multivariate Regression routine. When an infinite loop is detected, the program now exits correctly with a proper message.

5. Adds the capability of selecting a subset of columns during import. The import wizard has been modified slightly to make it easier and more intuitive.

6. Corrects a problem with the Histogram routine when using a grouping variable. If the text of the breaking variable had spaces, then the plot would fail with a "bad record length" error.

7. Corrects a problem with the Descriptive Tables routine that allowed only 5 columns in the output for table type 1.

Version: 8.0.11

Released: July 25, 2012

1. Corrects a problem with the scatter plot and scatter plot matrix routines. Confidence limits, prediction limits, etc. were not being calculated correctly when plotting more than one variable on a single plot without using a grouping variable. Alpha was not getting set right in this case.

Version: 8.0.10

Released: July 23, 2012

1. Corrects a problem with the output of R-Square, Intercept, and Slope labels on Scatter Plots and Probability Plots.

2. Corrects a problem with initialization of macros when called as an argument from the command line.

3. Corrects an error with the Comparables - Sales Price routine that was giving a "Type Mismatch" error when using Excel-type dates.

4. Corrects a problem with importing files containing dates that affects some computer language settings (e.g. English (South Africa)).

5. Corrects a problem with the interpretation of percentage values when pasted or imported into NCSS. Percentages were being interpreted as non-numeric text values instead of numbers. Percentages are now automatically converted to numeric values when imported or pasted.

6. Corrects a problem with importing Excel files containing more than one sheet.

Version: 8.0.9

Released: June 27, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the importing of NCSS 97-2007 database (.s0z) files. Column info such as labels and transformations was not being imported correctly. This did not affect the importing of variable names.

2. Fixes a problem with transformations when using computer language settings other than English. Transformations involving commas were not interpreted correctly. Transformation functions are now forced to use the correct list separator depending on the user's language setting.

3. Improved performance when importing NCSS 97-2007 database (.s0z) and spreadsheet (.s0) files.

4. Adds automatic conversion from the Lookup transformation to the Recode transformation when importing NCSS 97-2007 database (.s0z) and spreadsheet (.s0) files. The Lookup transformation has been removed in NCSS 8.

5. Corrects a problem with the filter when range conditions involving less-than-or-equal-to or greater-than-or-equal-to were combined with list conditions. The less-than-or-equal-to and greater-than-or-equal-to operators were being interpreted as strictly less-than and greater-than, respectively.

6. Adds greater portability for databases between computers with different language settings. Data files are now saved so that they will open on any computer with any language setting without causing column info errors.

Version: 8.0.8

Released: June 19, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the display of the output for the Two-Sample T-Test. Pages were not breaking correctly when using more than one result variable.

2. Fixes a problem with the macros INPUT command. An error was being displayed even if the syntax was correct.

3. Fixes a problem with the data file preview dialog when importing NCSS 97-2007 .s0 files. The previewer would only display 50 variable names.

Version: 8.0.7

Released: June 4, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the Cumulative Incidence routine. A "subscript out of range" error was appearing when running an analysis without groups.

2. Fixes a problem with inputting categorical variables in logistic regression, Cox regression, multiple regression, etc. when using international language settings. The semicolon was not being interpreted correctly as a variable separator.

Version: 8.0.6

Released: May 28, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with Frequency Tables and Crosstabs routines that was giving a "Type Mismatch" error when using Numeric Variables (Width).

2. Fixes a problem with the Y vs. X plot preview in Simple Linear Regression. The confidence limit lines were not being displayed for the example when editing the plot format. This did not affect the final plot produced when the procedure was run... just the preview.

Version: 8.0.5

Released: May 21, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the filter system where the filter didn't update correctly after inserting or deleting columns containing or to the left of columns containing filters.

2. Fixes a problem with data storage during a procedure run where predicted values are not stored when the dependent variable (y) value is missing.

3. Fixes a fatal error that occurs when selecting from the bottom line of recent gradients from the dropdown.

4. Fixes a problem with the Crosstabs and Frequency Tables routines. Missing values were not correctly excluded from the tables and tests.

Version: 8.0.4

Released: May 14, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the Conditional (If-Then) Transformations system where some conditions or results are not interpreted correctly, causing the program to throw an error on the transformation.

Version: 8.0.3

Released: May 12, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the file importer that was causing the import of certain files to fail.

2. Adds the ability to suppress popup help messages throughout the program. This can now be done using the new option on the View tab on the System Options window.

Version: 8.0.2

Released: May 8, 2012

1. Fixes a problem with the transformation system where some variable names were being interpreted as special functions.

Version: 8.0.1

Released: May 4, 2012

1. Initial Release of NCSS 8.

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