PASS 2021 Update

Use the button(s) below to download the PASS 2021 installation file. If PASS 2021 is not yet installed on your computer, this will install the full version. If you already have PASS 2021 installed, this will update your current installation to the newest version. Your personal files will not be affected.

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Current Version: 21.0.2
Released: February 19, 2021

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PDF documentation for PASS 2021 is installed with the software and can be accessed through the Help System. The documentation is also available online by clicking here.

Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to PASS 2021 since it was released.

Version: 21.0.2

Released: February 19, 2021

1. Minor documentation updates.

2. Corrected an error in the Logrank Tests procedure. When using Mortality input, power and sample size were not computed correctly when entering M1 (Mortality - Control) and MR (Mortality Ratio = M2/M1). Power and sample size were correct when entering M1 (Mortality - Control) and M2 (Mortality - Treatment).

3. Corrected “Unhandled exception…” errors that occurred when opening PASS procedures in Windows 10 when the Microsoft Region language option Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support is active. (To determine if the option is active on your computer, see the steps below.)

Having the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support option active may lead to other errors. We recommend that the option be disabled when using PASS.

To disable this option in Windows 10, perform the following steps with administrator rights on your computer:

a. Close all open documents and programs on your computer.
b. Press the Windows key.
c. Type “Settings.”
d. Select Time & Language.
e. Click Language.
f. Under Related settings, click Administrative language settings.
g. On the Region window, click the Administrative tab.
h. Click Change system locale. (Here you will need administrator rights.)
i. Clear the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support checkbox.
j. Click OK.
k. Restart your computer.

Version: 21.0.1

Released: January 29, 2021

1. Initial Release of PASS 2021.

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Dr. George Ebra, Dr. Debra Guest, Research

NCSS is an excellent tool for clinical and epidemiological research that is both user friendly and economical with excellent support. It removes the "fear of statistics" from clinical research and makes research accessible to all curious clinicians.

Ted Rosenberg, MD MSc. FRCP(C), Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia