PASS 2023 Update

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Current Version: 23.0.2
Released: May 4, 2023

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Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to PASS 2023 since it was released.

Version: 23.0.2

Released: May 4, 2023

1. Corrected a non-useful error message in the Logrank Tests and Non-Inferiority Logrank Tests procedures. The user now gets an informative error message if they input Total Time < Accrual Time that indicates that Total Time must be ≥ Accrual Time.

2. Corrected an error in the Multi-Arm Non-Inferiority (and Superiority by a Margin) Tests for Vaccine Efficacy using the Ratio of Treatment and Control Proportions procedures. The procedure input window was missing the Test Type input option.

3. Corrected the comments regarding the test statistic weights in the help documentation for the Two-Group Survival Comparison Tests (Simulation), Group-Sequential Tests for Two Hazard Rates (Simulation), and Group-Sequential Logrank Tests (Simulation) (Legacy) procedures.

4. Corrected an error in the Tests for Two Ordered Categorical Variables (Proportional Odds) procedure. The software was interpreting the odds ratio (OR) as Odds1/Odds2 instead of Odds2/Odds1 as indicated in the documentation. The procedure now correctly interprets OR as Odds2/Odds1. Some minor typos and the example results in the documentation for this procedure have also been corrected.

5. Corrected an issue with the Simple Linear Regression procedures when solving for sample size. If the effect size is large resulting in a very small required sample size (i.e., 4 or less), the algorithm would not find the right sample size--it would report a required sample size of 2 even though the sample size is required to be 3 or more in the Simple Linear Regression procedures.

6. Corrected typographical and grammatical errors in 206 documentation chapters.

7. Corrected typographical and grammatical errors in hundreds of procedure option mouse-over messages.

Version: 23.0.1

Released: January 5, 2023

1. Initial Release of PASS 2023

"I have used NCSS since it was NCSS 2000. Absolutely love it."

Dr. William Kennedy, Consultant

"I really love this version of NCSS and as teacher and researcher in a medical field I can say there aren't many things I miss in it... The help system is another strong feature; the transformations interface is one of my favorites as well."

Dr. Adrian Buzea