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File: PASS14Setup_v14_0_15.exe
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Current Version: 14.0.15
Released: May 23, 2019

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Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to PASS 14 since it was released.

Version: 14.0.15

Released: May 23, 2019

1. Fixed a “Subscript out of range” error in the Tests for Two Proportions in a Repeated Measures Design procedure that occurred when Group Allocation was set to “Enter total sample size and percentage in Group 1” and Definitions were being output in the report.

2. This is the final update to PASS 14.

Version: 14.0.14

Released: November 2, 2018

1. Fixed power calculation error in the Tests for Two Correlated Proportions in a Matched Case-Control Design procedure. The author of the paper on which this procedure is based determined that the correction made in PASS 14 update 14.0.10 was unnecessary. The calculations in PASS have been updated to reflect the author’s corrections. This correction returns the PASS calculation results for the Tests for Two Correlated Proportions in a Matched Case-Control Design procedure to the same results obtained prior to PASS 14 update 14.0.10.

2. Fixed power calculation error in the Tests for Two Variances procedure. The power was not being calculated correctly in some cases when the group sample sizes are unequal.

3. Fixed documentation typos in the Non-Central Chi-Square Distribution in the Probability Calculator documentation.

Version: 14.0.13

Released: August 17, 2018

1. Corrected issues encountered in various procedures where the period is used in a way other than to represent a decimal symbol (e.g. in “D0.L”) when the computer language uses a comma as the decimal symbol. The period was incorrectly being replaced by a comma in non-numeric instances.

Version: 14.0.12

Released: July 6, 2018

1. Corrected an error in the Multiple Contrasts (Simulation) procedure. When solving for Sample Size, the target power value was being set to 1-(User-Entered Value for Power). The correct input power value is now used.

2. Corrected an error that caused incorrect power and sample size calculations when entering “R1” in the Tests for Two Proportions in a Stratified Design (Cochran/Mantel-Haenszel Test) procedure when the computer’s system language setting was set to a South African language setting or any other language setting where R is a currency symbol.

3. Corrected a “Subscript out of Range” error in Hotelling’s One-Sample T2 procedure that occurred when the language setting on the machine uses a comma as the decimal.

Version: 14.0.11

Released: February 6, 2018

1. Corrected summary statement errors in the Logrank Tests procedure output. The type of input was mislabeled in some cases.

2. Corrected mouseover message error in the Logrank Tests Accounting for Competing Risks procedure. The message for R (Accrual Time) indicated that 0 was a valid entry, but R must be greater than 0 in this procedure.

Version: 14.0.10

Released: November 3, 2017

1. Fixed power calculation error in Tests for Two Correlated Proportions in a Matched Case-Control Design. The author of the paper on which this procedure is based discovered a calculation error in his software used to create the results in the paper. The calculations in PASS and the validation results have been updated to reflect the author’s corrections.

2. Corrected error in Normality Tests procedure. In some cases the power was being drastically underestimated for the Skewness test.

Version: 14.0.9

Released: February 14, 2017

1. Fixed an error in the Logrank Tests (Input Proportion Surviving) and Logrank Tests (Input Mortality) procedures. The procedures were not calculating the hazard rates correctly when using spreadsheet entry for the survival proportions or the mortality rates. PASS was calculating hazard rates for each row as though all previous survival proportions (or mortalities) were equal. The detail reports for these two procedures were also corrected to display appropriate values.

2. Fixed a problem in the Survival Parameter Conversion Tool. Mortality 1 Until T0 was not updating when changing Median Survival Time 1 or Hazard Ratio 1.

Version: 14.0.8

Released: November 3, 2016

1. Fixed the Tests for Two Proportions in a Repeated Measures Design procedure. When solving for OR1 & P1 and using Odds Ratios for the input type, the Y-axis values on the plots were labeled as Odds Ratios, but plotted as proportions. This has been corrected so that Odds Ratios are plotted.

2. Fixed exact binomial enumeration sample size calculations in One Proportion procedures. The sample size was being overestimated in some cases for very extreme proportions (e.g. 0.98 or higher or 0.02 or less).

Version: 14.0.7

Released: July 1, 2016

1. In some instances, input text was incorrectly shown as red (indicating that the entry is not valid) when a valid value of “0” was entered for accrual time in various survival procedures. This has been corrected.

2. Removed extra text from various Logrank Test procedures’ Summary Statements

3. Corrected Tests for One ROC Curve procedure. If AUC0 = AUC1, the power should be undefined, but was being reported as 0.5.

Version: 14.0.6

Released: May 6, 2016

1. Software Version added to the header at the top of each output page for better record keeping. The default color for the header was also set to gray for better report readability. You can change any of these settings using the System Options window.

2. Corrected documentation typos in the formula for the non-centrality parameter in Inequality, Non-Inferiority, Superiority by a Margin, and Equivalence Tests for Two Means in a Cluster-Randomized Design procedures. Specifically, the formula for σd was incorrect as stated.

3. Fixed Confidence Intervals for One Standard Deviation using Relative Error procedure. When solving for Relative Error, the search did not converge.

4. Fixed various minor typos in the Multiple Two-Sample T-Tests procedure documentation.

Version: 14.0.5

Released: January 6, 2016

1. Corrected documentation and help messages relating to AUC0 and AUC1 in the Tests for One ROC Curve procedure.

2. Minor documentation corrections in the Equivalence Tests for Two Means using Differences procedure.

3. Fixed error in summary statements of the four exponential survival procedures. Some statements were populated with incorrect information.

Version: 14.0.4

Released: October 29, 2015

1. Fixed problem for computers with language set to “Thai.” The software was not recognizing valid license keys with an expiration date.

2. Fixed Comparative Plot Labels in the Normality Tests (Simulation) procedure. Some labels were not appearing.

3. Fixed Normality Tests (Simulation) power calculations for cases where the simulated distribution had nearly all ties.

4. Fixed Power and Sample Size calculations in the Logrank Tests in a Cluster-Randomized Design procedure. The power was being overestimated resulting in drastically reduced sample sizes.

Version: 14.0.3

Released: September 22, 2015

1. Fixed various typos in the documentation.

2. Fixed two sample survival routines based on the Lakatos method to correct for errors that occurred when the group sample sizes were unequal. These errors amounted to power values that were off by no more that 2 or 3 percentage points when the sample size of one of the groups was up to twice that of the other. Equal group size power values were not affected.

3. Improves overall appearance for High-DPI display on Windows 10 machines. The software was corrected so that text no longer appears fuzzy.

Version: 14.0.2

Released: July 28, 2015

1. Fixed “Overflow” error in plots with extremely large axis values.

2. Fixed Anderson-Darling Normality Test and Range Normality Test calculation for large sample sizes. The power was incorrect for the Anderson-Darling Test when N > ~4000 (it was reported as 0.000 when it should have been 1.000 for very non-normal data). The Range Test is only available when N < 1000, but results were still appearing.

3. Fixed example templates for Confidence Intervals for One Proportion procedure. They were generating a "Type mismatch" error.

4. Fixed various minor documentation typos and omissions.

5. Fixed layout of Getting Started window. Items were not being re-scaled for some computer DPI settings.

Version: 14.0.1

Released: July 21, 2015

1. Initial Release of PASS 14.

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