PASS 15 Update

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Current Version: 15.0.7
Released: May 1, 2018

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PDF documentation for PASS 15 is installed with the software and can be accessed through the Help System. The documentation is also available online by clicking here.

Update Release Notes

This page lists the changes that have been made to PASS 15 since it was released.

Version: 15.0.7

Released: May 1, 2018

1. In several of the Cluster-Randomized Design procedures, the cluster size entry (M) offered the option to have decimal input, but PASS converted the decimals to integers. A correction was made so that those procedures properly use the decimal input for values of M. The option to specify the number of decimals for M in the reports was added to the Reports tab.

2. Fixed issue in the Tests for the Odds Ratio in Logistic Regression with One Binary X (Wald Test) procedure. When solving for Odds Ratio, the software would output strange values instead of missing values in cases where a solution is not possible.

3. Fixed issue in the Logrank Tests Accounting for Competing Risks procedure. The loss to follow-up adjustment wasn’t being applied correctly when searching for Hazard Ratio.

4. Minor corrections to the Lin's Concordance Correlation Coefficient documentation.

Version: 15.0.6

Released: February 6, 2018

1. Corrected summary statement errors in the Logrank Tests procedure output. The type of input was mislabeled in some cases.

2. Corrected some dropdown box options on the Repeated Measures Analysis procedure window. Not all of the available tests were listed for the test to base sample size calculations on and the test to include in summary statements. This was causing the program to output a statement for the wrong test in some cases.

3. Corrected mouseover message error in the Logrank Tests Accounting for Competing Risks procedure. The message for R (Accrual Time) indicated that 0 was a valid entry, but R must be greater than 0 in this procedure.

Version: 15.0.5

Released: November 3, 2017

1. Fixed power calculation error in Tests for Two Correlated Proportions in a Matched Case-Control Design. The author of the paper on which this procedure is based discovered a calculation error in his software used to create the results in the paper. The calculations in PASS and the validation results have been updated to reflect the author’s corrections.

2. Corrected error in Normality Tests procedure. In some cases the power was being drastically underestimated for the Skewness test.

3. Fixed rare Type Mismatch error in Group-Sequential Tests for Two Proportions (Simulation) and related procedures. An unused background setting was causing the error in rare situations.

Version: 15.0.4

Released: August 9, 2017

1. Fixed "Subscript out of Range" error in the Two-Sample T-Tests using Effect Size procedure that was occurring when the alternative hypothesis was one-sided.

Version: 15.0.3

Released: April 21, 2017

1. Improved the search function on the PASS Home window so that you can enter a Procedure # or template extension (e.g. “330” or “t330” or “.t330”) into the search bar to find the corresponding procedure.

2. Fixed documentation typos in the test statistic formulas for the Non-Inferiority, Superiority by a Margin, and Equivalence Tests for Two Survival Curves Using Cox's Proportional Hazards Model procedures. This did not affect calculations.

Version: 15.0.2

Released: February 14, 2017

1. Fixed minor issues with titles in the output.

Version: 15.0.1

Released: January 10, 2017

1. Initial Release of PASS 15.

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